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The new Group Sustainability Lead Juliette Gaussem oversees and develops Netceed's sustainability strategy.

Netceed’s Comprehensive ESG Approach: Prioritizing Sustainability 


Responsible Corporate Governance: Netceed’s Comprehensive ESG Approach 


13 May 2024. Netceed prioritizes sustainability and embraces environmental, social, and governance responsibility within its ESG goals: the new Group Sustainability Lead, Juliette Gaussem, has been steering Netceed’s ESG activities since the beginning of 2024, ensuring environmentally conscious decisions across all divisions. The new ESG policy forms the basis for sustainable action by the globally operating one-stop-shop provider. Under this policy, Netceed commits to expanding its range of sustainable products and resource-efficient services such as refurbishment, overhaul, and repair. Furthermore, Netceed consistently expands its sustainability goals in line with the EU Green Deal, positioning itself for the future. 

As a globally operating company, Netceed understands the urgency of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into its business strategy. CEO Alper Turken emphasizes, “I’m proud of the strides we’re making at Netceed when it comes to sustainability. Sustainable practices are not just good business but also ensure long-term business resilience. As a leading global distributor and the largest telecom distributor in Europe, I believe we have a role to play in advancing sustainability efforts in our industry.”

New Group Sustainability Lead Drives ESG Activities at Netceed 

The consolidation of Netceed’s ESG initiatives under Group Sustainability Lead Juliette Gaussem was an important milestone since her hiring in January 2024. The expert with a Master’s degree in Business oversees and develops the sustainability strategy and is responsible for ESG reporting for Netceed. She engages all internal and external stakeholders on the topic, defines the company’s governance framework, and ensures compliance with ESG regulations. Netceed ESG goals and targets are reviewed by the internal ESG Committee and approved by the board. The Group Sustainability Lead reports to Netceed’s Group CFO and is the first point of contact within the company for sustainability inquiries. Her expertise spans over 14 years of international professional experience in sustainability across multinational corporations, publicly traded companies, as well as NGOs and startups. 

New ESG Policy Sets Sustainable Standards 

Netceed has embedded its vision for engagement in the areas of Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance in its new ESG policy. The binding guidelines define Netceed’s core principles, mark an important milestone towards greater sustainability, and underline the company’s commitment to the environment, society and ethical business practices.

The company commits to expanding its range of sustainable products, packaging, and services. Together with its suppliers, it aims to find innovative solutions, promote the use of refurbished and recyclable materials, and further strengthen existing repair and refurbishment services. Netceed itself is also driving forward innovative solutions for ecologically sustainable product design. For instance, the company’s in-house R&D innovation lab in Aveiro, Portugal, is already developing products integrating recycled plastic in accordance with eco-design rules.

Environmental Responsibility and Inclusive Corporate Culture 

The one-stop-shop provider implements sustainable practices such as effective waste management to reduce its environmental footprint, minimize waste, and contribute to a circular economy. On the social side, Netceed is promoting and cultivating diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) in its corporate culture. The development of a new DIE&B policy is next on the roadmap. This positions the provider of end-to-end connectivity solutions against any form of discrimination and strengthens fair and equal working conditions. Through training, preventive measures, and regular inspections, Netceed minimizes risks and ensures the health and safety of employees, customers, contractors, and visitors. 

Integrity of Governance 

Netceed attaches great value to transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior. Its ESG policy encompasses measures to ensure integrity in decision-making processes and promote fair business practices. Internal reporting is transparent and takes place across multiple channels to allow all stakeholders to voice their concerns. Responsible for monitoring and implementing the ESG policy is the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO). An internal ESG Committee at the senior management level regularly monitors and reviews the implementation of the sustainability strategy. 

An overview of Netceed’s complete ESG activities can be found here:

About Netceed 

Netceed is a global leader in distribution, logistics, technical engineering, and product design with over 30 years of expertise and performance supporting the telecommunications and broadband industry. Netceed supplies and distributes a comprehensive range of passive and active equipment and tooling for network deployment, upgrades, and maintenance, supporting all technologies including FTTH, FTTx, HFC, Wi-Fi, 5G/mobile, and data center. Netceed’s comprehensive portfolio of 90,000+ products from nearly 1,500 industry-leading suppliers, along with their value-added supply chain solutions support carriers’ seamless delivery of high-speed Internet, Video, Data, and Voice services to Residential, Business, and Mobile Users. Netceed employs over 2,000 people across 19 countries and counting, and its experienced team works hard every day shaping the future of communication networks across the globe. 

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