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Change modules easily: tde presents unlocking tool for tML system platform

The company tde – trans data elektronik GmbH is expanding its tML portfolio with an unlocking tool. This release aid makes it even easier to change or dismantle modules in the tML system platform. It also significantly reduces assembly times when changing and removing modules. The innovative tool makes it easy to unlock and remove modules in the extendable module carrier. The result: even more flexibility and, in particular, even easier and faster handling and faster module installation when migrating to higher transmission rates and therefore more sustainability and future-proofing in the data centre.

The new Group Sustainability Lead Juliette Gaussem oversees and develops Netceed's sustainability strategy.

Responsible Corporate Governance: Netceed’s Comprehensive ESG Approach 

Netceed prioritizes sustainability and embraces environmental, social, and governance responsibility within its ESG goals: the new Group Sustainability Lead, Juliette Gaussem, has been steering Netceed’s ESG activities since the beginning of 2024, ensuring environmentally conscious decisions across all divisions. The new ESG policy forms the basis for sustainable action by the globally operating one-stop-shop provider. Under this policy, Netceed commits to expanding its range of sustainable products and resource-efficient services such as refurbishment, overhaul, and repair. Furthermore, Netceed consistently expands its sustainability goals in line with the EU Green Deal, positioning itself for the future.

The Microfocus ALIUS ODF module is now available as a pre-assembled panel to simplify connections and ensure sustainable management of fibers for installation and maintenance in a Point of Presence.

Netceed contributes to the ESG goals of network operators with its innovative Microfocus ALIUS ODF solutions

Netceed, a global company specialized in distribution, logistics, technical engineering, and product design for the broadband industry, announces ALIUS, a new addition to its Microfocus product line. Microfocus was introduced in 2005, consisting of modular blocks to build an end-to-end fiber optic network, and offering a 25-year functional system warranty for the installer and operator.

Ready for high speed: tde at ANGA COM 2024

For the first time at ANGA COM, tde – trans data elektronik GmbH, internationally successful developer and manufacturer of scalable cabling systems and technology leader in multi-fibre technology, will be exhibiting the company’s portfolio for investment- and future-proof cabling systems. The focus is on solutions that meet the constantly growing demand for more and more bandwidth. One highlight is the innovative tML Reverse Module, which allows the same port density both in the rear area and in the patch area. Visitors to the booth can also experience the innovative plug-and-play cabling system tML 24+ with the compact MMC connector from US Conec and the modular Central Office solution tDF. ANGA COM will take place from 14 to 16 May in Cologne. tde invites visitors to be a guest at the tde booth. For mutual planning security, tde also allocates fixed appointments to interested trade fair visitors on request. More information can be found on the website.

The Microfocus PatchRobot in its outdoor cabinet will speed up fiber optic roll-out processes.

Microfocus PatchRobot for fiber optic networks now also works in outdoor cabinets

8 May 2024: Netceed is now integrating the Microfocus PatchRobot into outdoor cabinets in addition to its already established Point of Presence (PoP) applications. Through this innovation, the world’s leading partner and one-stop shop for all active and passive materials is continuing to expand its technological leadership in the automation field. Following this pursuit, the new Microfocus PatchRobot for outdoor cabinets will join the ranks of the already established Microfocus PatchRobot in the PoP and the Microfocus PatchRobot in the NVt (network distributor), thus advancing automated processes at the switching points in fiber optic expansion. With a focus on sustainability in network operation, a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and the provision of automated resources, Netceed is creating the ideal conditions for an investment- and therefore future-proof broadband expansion.

ANGA COM 2024: Netceed showcases the future of communication networks

6 May 2024 – Netceed, a leading global distributor and one-stop shop for all active and passive components and systems in the broadband industry, will display its complete network portfolio, technical know-how, service, and logistics solutions at ANGA COM 2024. As the largest telecom distributor in Europe and across 19 countries with more than 80 locations, Netceed offers future-proof complete solutions for successful FTTx broadband expansion. Netceed will be presenting its modular system of active and passive network components at Europe’s leading congress trade fair for broadband, television and online. From 14 to 16 May 2024, Netceed will turn the spotlight on technologies and automation solutions from the pre-assembled PoP (Point of Presence) through all levels of the fiber optic and HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) network to the end user connection on 264 square meters in Hall 8 at Stand A50.

tde presents tML Reverse Module

Dortmund/Germany, 25 April 2024. tde – trans data elektronik GmbH is adding a pioneering innovation to the tML system platform: with the new tML Reverse Module, the network specialist is the first manufacturer to offer a module that can be fitted on the platform in two directions. Meaning that patching is now also possible in the rear area. The same number of ports can be integrated at the front and rear with maximum packing density. The module is compatible with all standard connectors, including the new highly compact MDC connector.

tde is the first network expert in Europe to integrate the MMC connector from US Conec into its successful tML system platform, thereby doubling the packing density of its cabling systems.

First cabling platform with MMC connectors in the rear and patch area: tde presents tML 24+r

Dortmund, February 2, 2024. tde – trans data elektronik GmbH continues to drive forward its technological leadership in the modular cabling system field for maximum packing efficiency, investment security and simple migration currently up to 800 G and more: tde is the first network expert in Europe to integrate the MMC connector from US Conec into its successful tML system platform, thereby doubling the packing density of its cabling systems. Simultaneously, tde is presenting the new tML24+, an innovative solution based on the integration of the highly compact 24-fiber MMC multi-fiber connector in the rear area. tde also provides tML modules with MMC for the patch area: One module accommodates 24 MMC adapters at the front, each with 12, 16 or 24-fiber MMC connectors and therefore up to 4,608 fibers modularly on one height unit. Thanks to its APC angle-polished convex surface, even in the multimode version, the MMC offers improved performance in terms of insertion loss and return loss. Customers benefit from migration and investment-proof high-density applications currently up to 800 G and higher.

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